Gold Exploration

born from a strong sense of
determination & responsibility.

Crucible Gold Ltd is a Perth based, ASX listed, junior gold explorer with a specific focus on the Birimian Greenstone belts of West Africa, an address that has hosted many multi-million ounce gold discoveries and continues to grow its reputation as one of the premier regions for world gold production... more about us »

Meet our people

Crucible Gold Ltd is committed to becoming the "Explorer and Miner of Choice" not only by its shareholders and external stakeholders but also by its employees.... know more »


Crucible Gold Limited has acquired a prospective ground holding in Ghana and Cote d’ Ivoire totalling in excess of 2800 km2....know more »


Crucible Gold's team has demonstrable credentials in sustainable development and social responsibility, it is committed to the e3 Plus framework for responsible more »